Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Relaxing Sunday

I had a wonderful Sunday. I decided to try out a new church today. So I went to the mid morning service at Gateway. After receiving a great message I left the church feeling uplifted and ready to face a new work week. Then it was off to the gym to meet the 512 CrossFit coaches for our workout. The workout we battled through today was Fight Gone Bad. If you know what that WOD is you know it is just as much a mental workout as well as a physical workout. It was 18 minutes long, 3 rounds for max reps of 1 minute Summo Dead Lift High Pull, Box Jumps, Push Press, Row and Wall Bal. It is a killer. All the coaches did an amazing job in the workout. Landon and I scored our all time best scores. Landon scored 380 and I scored 302. That was my first time to score over 300 in my life! I was sooo happy. I also am so proud of Adrien, even though it was her first time to attempt the workout she pushed through the pain and finished the workout at the prescribed weight like a champ. After the workout it was off to my parent's house to visit with my family and have dinner. That was how I spent my relaxing Sunday.

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