Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Training for the CrossFit games qualifier with the 512 CrossFit Coaches

The 512 CrossFit coaches and I are now in week 5 of our 2009-2010 training for the 2010 CrossFit games. We have a blast training together! In our program we train 3 days crossfit with one day active recovery and flexibility. To support our training with proper nutrition we use the zone/ paleo diet. I am very excited about today's workout. The 512 women's coaches are learning muscle ups. Muscle ups have to be the hardest exercise I have ever experienced. I am not able to get and unassisted muscle up yet, but I will very soon. Today's workout will be 30 assisted muscle ups for time. Wish me luck, my goal is to accomplish this workout in under 10 minutes!!

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